Hosting gratuito


Ospitare un dominio

Host your domain free

Con la nostra piano di hosting condiviso, è possibile ospitare un nome di dominio. Un nome di dominio consente di creare un account e-mail e sfruttare la funzione di invio di email.

Wordpress & Joomla

1-click easy installer

Zacky installer automatico App consente di installare le famose piattaforme web costruzione Joomla e Wordpress per la creazione di un blog, senza alcuna esperienza tecnica.

Email Account

Your own email address

Avere un account web hosting e un dominio, è possibile creare e utilizzare un indirizzo email dall'aspetto professionale come per l'invio e la ricezione della posta.

Webmail Access

Email in your browser

Along with the email account capability, we offer a webmail interface to check, send and receive your email correspondence from any computer over the web.

Gestore file via Web

Manage files online

From within the free control panel, an easy to use File Manager helps you to upload files, download files or even edit HTML, PHP or other programming language files.

FTP Access

Upload files via FTP

Need easier and faster way to upload and download. We offer FTP account to upload files, download files or even edit HTML, PHP or other programming language files.

MySQL Database

Create databases

Most modern websites contain dynamic content and need a database. We support the latest version of MySQL so you can build good-looking and modern websites.


PHP, Perl and more

Developers will love this. We offer hosting packages with full support of PHP, PERL, CGI and Image Magick.

Pannello di controllo avanzato

Power and ease of use

Our custom in-house control panel is developed to be intuitive and feature-rich. Customize the 40+ sections via drag and drop to setup your dashboard for easy control over your content.

Create Subdomains

Manage content easily

Create subdomains with a few clicks within your domain control panel. Useful for setting up blogs or temporary promotional pages at no additional cost.


Email protocol support

The email you get with every hosting account supports all email protocols and is compatible with every email software client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc).

Protezione da spam/virus

We guard your website

ClamAV is specially designed to scan, detect and remove any spam or viruses in your email that might compromise your personal information or infect your computer.

Host Domain & Subdomains

Ospitare un dominio

Your vanity plate on the web

Although you can just go with one of our free domains, you can also host, transfer of register a TLD like a .com domain with the free hosting plan. This is absolutely the cheapest way to start a new website. Get the domain name you want and get online with free hosting, easily, quickly and reliably.

Create Free Subdomain

Get online for free

There could be many situations in which buying a domain name just isn't practical. For starting a small charity site or getting into blogging for the first time there are always the free subdomains we offer. They're in the format, easy to remember and type.

Upload your Existing Website (FTP or File Manager)

Easily and quickly

Already have your website developed and ready to upload? You can choose between our built-in easy to use File Manager or your favorite FTP client software (e.g. FileZilla) to upload your website files to our free hosting servers. If you've never used an FTP client program, we recommend uploading your website through the File manager in the control panel of your account.

Wordpress & Joomla Installer

Setup a website or blog with one click

Our automated install wizard Zacky Installer has a 1-click utility that sets up the popular WordPress or Joomla content management systems for you in seconds. It's as simple as entering the website details, like website name, domain, etc and clicking the install button. It's free, saves your time and hassle and is the quickest way to make a website.

Joomla & Wordpress Installer

Host your Domain or Create a Free Subdomain

Website creation made easy

Already have a domain and web hosting with another company? It's easy to jump ship, host your domain with us and move your website to the free web hosting service. Every Joomla or WordPress site will work nicely. Even if you don't have a domain you can still get your site online with one of our free subdomains.

Install a Joomla Website

Power and simplicity

One of the oldest and widely adopted website building platforms. Available even on the free web hosting plan and installable within the automated Zacky Installer, it's one of the most powerful content management systems out there. Even more so with its newest release that adds amazing functionality and an improved user-friendly control panel.

Create a Wordpress Blog

Blogging is for everyone

This could be your big opportunity for online success. With free hosting and a cheap domain name you've got everything necessary to start a WordPress based blog that everyone would like to read. You don't even have to know how to install it, just select it from the Zacky Installer and just like that after a few seconds you've got WordPress installed for free.

Edit Your Website From The Joomla Or Wordpress Back-End

No-fuss administration

The Joomla team has completely overhauled the look and feel of the Joomla control panel. It's now easier to use than ever. Creating pages and posts, adding photos and writing articles is a breeze. Speaking of doing things easy, don't underestimate WordPress. The other CMS that comes with our free hosting is loved by millions because how easy it is to create content with it.

Email Account (Features)

Create an Email Account

The professional way to do email

You can now have a custom email address that looks much better than the free one you get from services like Gmail. For example looks way better and shows you mean business by taking that extra step to setup a custom email. And it's not even that hard to do, just enter the Hosting Control Panel and use the E-mail Manager. It would literally take you few seconds to set up your e-mail account.

POP3 / IMAP / SMTP Email Access (Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac Mail)

Full support of your favorite mail software

Even though it's a free hosting package it offers support for all Internet protocols that are used for sending and receiving email. You'll be able to get your mail with every major software client like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Mail on the Mac. Great functionality that's useful if you get lots of email.

Webmail Access From Anywhere

Email on the go

For those moments when you need to read that important message and you're not in front of the computer. Access your inbox, read and send emails from every device with Internet access. You just need a web browser so even if you're not on your personal computer you can still log in and manage your correspondence.

Advanced Virus and Spam Security (SpamAssassin & ClamAV)

Online threat protection

Never get another spamy email again. All of our clients that use our mail servers are 100% protected with SpamAssassin. Don't worry about getting viruses via email attachments because every file that goes through is scanned thoroughly with the most up-to-date virus definitions of the ClamAV anti-virus software.

FTP your Account (File Manager)

FTP Access To Your Account

Full FTP Access

Used to getting things done and uploading your website files via a dedicated desktop FTP client? We've got you covered. Every hosting plan including the free one, supports FTP access and allows you to manipulate, rename, move files around and more. Sign up today for free and try it!

Upload Through Your Browser

Easier than FTP

Don't want to mess around with downloading and installing third party FTP software clients? No problem - just use the File Manager that's in your hosting control panel for instant file upload through your web browser. No weird plug-ins are required - it's plain and simple, and just works.

1 GB Free File Disk Space

For a solid start online

Let's face it - you're not going to run a thousands-of-visitors-a-day website on free hosting but the 1 GB of disk space is plenty for starters. A small WordPress blog or website without many pictures doesn't need that much disk space and if someday you fill it up, upgrading takes just a minute and is dead-simple.

Disk Space Usage Statistics

See it all laid out

Curious to see how much disk space exactly your website is taking up? Just log in your hosting control panel and you'll see all the stats - how much space your website is using, how much you got left, etc. If you're running low on space you should upgrade to one of the paid hosting plans.

Pannello di controllo avanzato

In-house Developed Control Panel

Made with usability in mind

Our company has developed a unique hosting control panel that is specially designed to cater to all of our client's hosting needs. The interface is made to be user-friendly and at the same time offer all the functionality and conveniently lay out all the features an advanced user is looking for.

Drag & Drop Customizable Dashboard

Make it your own

With the added ability to drag and drop the hosting features you use most often where you want them, the control panel becomes even more useful. Using the Website Manager Tools often? No problem, just move them to the top where they'll be handy all the time.

40+ Control Panel Sections

Easily explore all options

Advanced users that really want to have full control over all aspects of their hosted websites will love our custom control panel. Containing over 40 sections there's hardly any hosting customization we haven't made accessible. Explore freely but be careful - with great power comes great responsibility.

Advanced File Manager

File management done right

Dealing with desktop FTP applications is so 2001. It's not that complicated, so why not do it on the web? Save yourself the hassle and just use the online Advanced File Manager. Upload, move, rename and delete website files without leaving your browser or your hosting control panel. It's THE only way to manage your files.

Scripting Support


The foundation of every website

Every modern website needs PHP to operate. Our hosting service supports the most up-to-date, cutting edge, stable and secure version. Even the free hosting users get to experience the full scope of what the latest web technologies have to offer and host a fully functional, modern and attractive site for free.

PERL, CGI (Over 3200 Perl Modules)

Yes, we're still talking free hosting

You'll rarely find a hosting service that's free and has full support for scripting languages like PERL and CGI. With over 3200 Perl modules supported, this is a very good bang for your buck. Perfect for testing out scripts in a real environment without having to pay for it. Excellent functionality for a free service.

ASP.NET, Ruby, Python, Custom {ini} (full-featured version only)

Developers love it

Support for some of the most popular scripts and frameworks makes our hosting really popular among web developers. For an amazing price with our shared hosting you get full ASP.NET, Ruby, Python support and the option to customize the php.ini! Talk about great value. This isn't all of it, though.

SSI, Crontab, cURL, Image Magick, IonCube, Zend Optimizer
(full-featured version only)

Even more functionality

We're trying to make our shared hosting the best one available ever, so support for new technologies and features is added constantly. Targeted at those who'd like to dip their toes into developing, we've added SSI, Crontab, cURL, Image Magick, IonCube and Zend Optimizer support. Now literary everybody could be a developer without huge investment.

Database Support

MySQL Database Support

For dynamic sites

Every website that serves dynamic content to the visitor needs a database of some sort. MySQL has become the go-to database and is the de facto web standart when it comes to building dynamic websites. The MySQL support on the free hosting service allows you to basically setup a complex website powered by WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS.

phpMyAdmin Support

Pro database management

This one is for the pros. Get a close look at your databases and fine tune everything to your heart's desire. Manage, edit, see details and delete your MySQL databases from the convenience of your free hosting control panel. If you don't know what this does, better leave it alone and go do some reading first. You can't restore a database once you corrupt or delete it unless you have upgraded to a paid hosting plan, where automated backups are available.

PostgreSQL Database Support (full-featured version only)

A MySQL alternative

If for some reason a MySQL database won't do it for you or your website just has special requirements that MySQL can't meet, don't worry. The shared hosting plans offer full support for PostgreSQL databases. Whatever website you have or want to build it is going to run from our servers with PostgreSQL with ease. A great option to have and at a such a low price.

phpPgAdmin Support (full-featured version only)

Manage your PostgreSQL

For an amazingly low price with a shared hosting plan you receive full control over your website's PostgreSQL databases with phpPgAdmin. Started as an offshoot of MySQL it's very convenient way for administrators to create databases, create tables, edit tables and query their own data via standard SQL. Again, if you haven't done this before, don't jump right in.

Security & Network

Protezione con firewall

Safety from outside threats

Even with the free hosting services, we take the security of our users very seriously. That's why a locked down firewall protection is in place to circumvent any attempt of unauthorized access from third parties like hackers, spammers and other individuals who might want to get to your site and steal files or information about its users. The provided Firewall protection prevents that from happening.

Protezione da spam / virus

Spam-free email!

Liberate your inbox of spammy messages and pesky sales letters. Our sophisticated antispam filters scan every incoming email and check it for suspicious content. Got bit by a virus attached with an email? Not with our virus protection layer. The ClamAV anti-virus software ensures that nothing nasty gets into your inbox ever!

Alimentazione: UPS, generatore diesel

Legendary uptime

Even though it's a free hosting service we take every possible step to ensure its smooth and uninterrupted operation. The data center our servers are located at not only uses top of the line server hardware but has a robust UPS system in place with it's own diesel generator. Even if the power goes out, everything continues as usual and your websites stay online and running.

50 GBits network connectivity

Lots of throughput for free

Even though we put a 5GB monthly traffic cap on free hosting users they get to take advantage of the same 50 GBits high-speed network that paid shared hosting users are on. This ensures the best possible experience for your site visitors and fast web page loading speed no matter what. Can't beat that for the price of free!

Full Features

? Il costo di attivazione è l'importo che pagate per la creazione e l'impostazione iniziale del vostro conto di hosting web. Costo di attivazione $0.00$0.00£0.00£0.00€0.00€0.00
? Monthly Promo Price is the promotional monthly price of the first year (new signup) subscription. Monthly Promo Price (paid annually) -
? Annual Promo Price is the promotional (new signup discounted) annual price. Annual Promo Price -
? Monthly Regular Price is the monthly price without any discount/promotion, as well as represents the renewal web hosting plan price. Monthly Regular Price $0.00$0.00£0.00£0.00€0.00€0.00
? Annual Regular Price is the annual price without any discount (new signup or other promotional discount), as well as representing the annual renewal web hosting plan price. Annual Regular Price $0.00$0.00£0.00£0.00€0.00€0.00
? Spazio su disco è lo spazio per l'archiviazione dei dati allocato che ottenete con il vostro piano di hosting. Tutti i dati che avete sul server, come le pagine, i file e le email, utilizzano lo spazio su disco del vostro piano di hosting. Spazio su disco 1 GB
? Il Trasferimento dati noto anche come Traffico è l'effettiva quantità di dati trasferiti tra il vostro sito ed i vostri visitatori. In altri termini, un traffico di dati viene generato ogni volta che qualcuno carica una pagina, un file o un elemento grafico dal vostro sito. Quello mostrato è il traffico di dati allocato per mese. Traffico mensile 5 GB
? Domini gratuiti viene mostrato con ogni particolare offerta di hosting web che include una/un registrazione/trasferimento di dominio GRATIS per 1 anno. Cercate tra i piani quelli che includono la/il registrazione/trasferimento del dominio gratuita/o per 1 anno. Domini gratuiti No
? Nome a dominio gratuito per sempre viene mostrato con ogni particolare offerta di hosting web che include una/un registrazione/trasferimento di dominio GRATIS per SEMPRE. I domini verranno rinnovati GRATUITAMENTE fintanto che rinnovate il vostro piano di hosting con noi. Cercate tra i piani quelli che includono la/il registrazione/trasferimento di dominio gratuita/o per SEMPRE. Nome a dominio gratis per sempre No
? Il Backup dei dati viene effettuato settimanalmente. In caso di problemi tecnici e perdita di dati possiamo ripristinare un backup da quello precedente. Backup dei dati No
? Noi offriamo 3 costruttori di siti: Soholaunch, BasicPages, Concrete5. Tutti i costruttori di siti offerti sono basati sul web. Costruttore di siti web No
? Network Uptime is the uptime we strive to guarantee on our web hosting platform. Operatività di rete up to 99.9%
? Money Back Guarantee is the warranty period you can request your money back if you think that the web hosting service offered is not the one it should be. Garanzia soddisfatti o rimborsati -
? La Protezione privacy del dominio nasconde al pubblico i dettagli di contatto del vostro dominio. Secondo i regolamenti dell'ICANN, quando registrate un dominio, le vostre informazioni, inclusi il nome, l'indirizzo, il numero di telefono e l'indirizzo email, vengono mostrate pubblicamente nel cosiddetto WHOIS del dominio. In tal modo però, le vostre informazioni private potrebbero essere raccolte da televenditori, spammer, ecc. Protezione privacy del dominio $10.00$11.90£6.99£8.32€7.99€9.51 (opzionale)
Gestione del sito web
? Domini consentiti è il numero di nomi a dominio che potete ospitare con un determinato piano di hosting web. Domini consentiti 1
? Subdomains Allowed is the number of subdomains you can create and host within a particular web hosting plan. Sotto domini consentiti 3
? Pieno controllo del DNS è un'opzione per gestire il DNS del vostro dominio in qualsiasi momento desideriate farlo, mediante un Pannello di controllo Dominio che ottenete come bonus con ogni registrazione/trasferimento di dominio. Pieno controllo del DNS Yes
? Pieno controllo del WHOIS è un'opzione per gestire il WHOIS del vostro dominio in qualsiasi momento desideriate farlo, mediante un Pannello di controllo Dominio che ottenete come bonus con ogni registrazione/trasferimento di dominio. Pieno controllo del WHOIS Yes
? Controllo blocco del dominio è un'opzione per bloccare il vostro dominio, al fine di prevenirne il furto o un trasferimento non autorizzato. Bloccate/sbloccate i vostri domini mediante il Pannello di controllo Dominio che avete a disposizione con ogni registrazione/trasferimento di dominio. Controllo blocco del dominio Yes
? Controllo chiave EPP è il codice di autorizzazione necessario per il trasferimento del dominio. Potete accedere alla chiave EPP mediante il Pannello di controllo Dominio che ottenete come bonus con ogni registrazione/trasferimento di dominio. Controllo chiave EPP Yes
? Accessi FTP fa riferimento al File Transfer Protocol (protocollo per il trasferimento di file) utilizzato per lo scambio di file su ogni rete che supporta il protocollo TCP/IP. Potete caricare file o qualsiasi altro dato utilizzando un accesso FTP con ogni software standard che funge da client FTP. Accessi FTP 1
? Un record A fa corrispondere un nome a dominio ad un indirizzo IP a 32 bit. Modificando il vostro record A potete puntare il vostro dominio (il sito web) verso una posizione fisica diversa da quella che ospita il dominio. Record MX ed A personalizzati No
? Un Nome canonico o CNAME è il record per creare un sinonimo di un hostname in caso vogliate, per esempio, che apri Tale record associa a al quale è già stato assegnato un indirizzo IP mediante un record A. Record CNAME No
? Una Pagina d'errore 404 viene visualizzata quando qualcuno sul vostro sito immette un collegamento che non esiste. Potete personalizzare la vostra pagina 404, ovverosia inserirvi qualsiasi cosa vogliate, come un avviso amichevole che la pagina richiesta non esiste, utilizzando lo stesso aspetto grafico del resto del vostro sito. La pagina d'errore 404 vi consente di tenere traccia della provenienza dei vostri visitatori e quindi di quale sia l'origine del collegamento interrotto. Pagine 404 personalizzate No
? Il pannello di controllo avanzato è un pannello di controllo basato su web e completo di tutte le funzionalità che vi consente di avere il pieno controllo dei dati contenuti nel vostro conto. In ognuno dei piani di hosting web a pagamento è incluso anche un Pannello di controllo Dominio per la gestione dei vostri domini. Pannello di controllo avanzato Yes
? Web Based File Manager is option through the Web Hosting Control Panel to easily upload, change, rename or delete file(s) and folder(s) inside your account. Gestore file via Web Yes
? Password Protection is option to set username and password access to any URL / directory of your site hosted with us without technical knowledge. Protezione con password No
? SSH (Secure Shell) is an option to securely and remotely access your web hosting account using command line interface e.g. Putty. This feature is strictly required by advanced web developers or administrators. SSH No
Caratteristiche dei servizi email
? Indirizzi email è il numero massimo di caselle di posta elettronica che potete creare con il vostro piano di hosting. In altri termini, indica quanti indirizzi email, come, potete creare. Indirizzi email 1
? Gli alias per email servono per impostare più indirizzi email che puntano ad un altro indirizzo email. Per esempio, se per la vostra casella postale create l'alias, le email inviate a verranno ricevute in Alias per email 1
? Mailing List is the option to create a list of email addresses and email all of them by sending email to only one pre-defined email address(mailing list address). Mailing list 0
? Filtri per email è un'opzione per gestire il traffico delle email in arrivo nelle caselle postali del vostro conto di hosting. Potete impostare filtri che applicano regole, come rimuovere, inoltrare, spostare in un'altra cartella, su ogni email in arrivo che contiene specifiche parole chiave nell'intestazione o nel corpo del messaggio. Potete anche impostare le priorità e l'ordine in cui tali regole vengono eseguite. Filtri per email 1
? Virus Protection is using ClamAV anti-virus toolkit designed strictly for e-mail scanning on mail gateways. It scans, detects and removes any unwanted programs that can potentially corrupt your data, or infringe the normal operation of your PC. Protezione da virus (ClamAV) Yes
? SPAM Protection is using SpamAssassin. It is a computer program that uses a variety of spam detection and spam filtering techniques based on content-matching rules. If spam is becoming a great burden for you and your business this surely will be relief for you. Protezione da spam (SpamAssassin) Yes
? Webmail is web based access to your email accounts anywhere, anytime by logging in user-friendly web interface. Email via Web Yes
? We support two Internet standard protocols for email retrieval.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3) access allows you to download your email messages straight to your computer and navigate them using mail client e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a powerful protocol providing you direct access to your mail box online while all email messages are still kept on the mail server. Thus, you can control your emails from a desktop computer at home, a workstation in your office, a notebook computer while traveling without transferring or synchronizing messages between computers.

We stronly recommend to use IMAP protocol when you setup your email client software.
Accesso POP3/IMAP
? SMTP Access (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an Internet standard for electronic mail (email) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Mail servers use SMTP to send emails. Without this feature you cannot send emails. Free hosting accounts has SMTP turned Off based on spam threats. Accesso SMTP Yes
? Risponditore automatico è un'opzione per impostare il vostro personale messaggio di risposta automatica per i vostri conti email. Usatelo quando siete via o semplicemente come conferma del ricevimento di una email. A causa della sua natura impegnativa per il server della posta, questa funzionalità è disponibile solo con conti a pagamento. Risponditore automatico Yes
? Intercetta-tutto è una casella postale che intercetta tutte le email inviate a caselle postali inesistenti. Per esempio, se avete solo la casella postale, ogni email inviata ad finirà nella casella postale dell'Intercetta-tutto. A causa della sua natura esosa a carico del server della posta, questa utile funzionalità è disponibile per i conti a pagamento, ma non per i conti gratuiti. Intercetta-tutto No
? Inoltro email è l'opzione per inoltrare il vostro traffico di email in arrivo ad un altro indirizzo email prescelto. A causa della natura esosa per il server della posta, questa funzionalità è disponibile per i conti a pagamento, ma non per quelli gratuiti. Inoltro email No
Supporto clienti
? Supporto clienti 24 / 7 / 365 significa professionisti altamente qualificati che si alternano per essere a vostra disposizione 24 ore al giorno, 7 giorni alla settimana, 365 giorni all'anno, pronti ad aiutarvi con qualsiasi problema possiate incontrare durante l'uso dei nostri servizi di hosting web. Supporto clienti 24 / 7 / 365 Limitato
? Sales Live Chat is available for pre-sales questions you may come across when you look at our web hosting services before purchase. Chat Supporto Pre-Vendita Yes
? Integrated Ticket System is a system you can file a ticket to our technical support team. We will shortly provide you with a precise answer to your concrete issue. Sistema segnalazioni integrato Limitato
? Online Documentation is our F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions). This is the place we file the problems most of our clients come across. Detailed instructions on every problem step by step is your quick troubleshooter. Documentazione in linea Yes
? Il costo di attivazione è l'importo che pagate per la creazione e l'impostazione iniziale del vostro conto di hosting web. Costo di attivazione $0.00$0.00£0.00£0.00€0.00€0.00
? Monthly Promo Price is the promotional monthly price of the first year (new signup) subscription. Monthly Promo Price (paid annually) -
? Annual Promo Price is the promotional (new signup discounted) annual price. Annual Promo Price -
? Monthly Regular Price is the monthly price without any discount/promotion, as well as represents the renewal web hosting plan price. Monthly Regular Price $0.00$0.00£0.00£0.00€0.00€0.00
? Annual Regular Price is the annual price without any discount (new signup or other promotional discount), as well as representing the annual renewal web hosting plan price. Annual Regular Price $0.00$0.00£0.00£0.00€0.00€0.00
Statistiche sul sito web
? Registro accessi ed errori è un'opzione che consente di monitorare i file di registro degli accessi e degli errori per i nomi a dominio ed i sottodomini inclusi nel vostro conto di hosting. Registro degli errori e degli accessi No
? Traffic Statistics shows the traffic of the domain names and subdomains in your hosting account. You can see detailed traffic statistics for your hostnames for the current day, last 7 days and for the last 6 months. Statistiche sul traffico Yes
? Webalizer Statistics is a web server log file analysis program which produces usage statistics in HTML format. Yearly, monthly, daily and hourly usage statistics are presented, as well as usage by site, URL, referrer, user agent (browser), username, search strings, entry/exit pages, and country (some information may not be available if not present in the log file being processed). Statistiche di Webalizer No
Database e applicazioni
? MySQL Database is a multi-user SQL(Structured Query Language) database server management system which supports languages such as C, C++, Java, PHP, Perl, Python etc. On our shared hosting platform can be created and utilized MySQL databases version 5. Database MySQL (v.5) 1
? MySQL Database Storage is the space you can utilize for each of your MySQL Database(s). Memoria per database MySQL 30 MB
? phpMyAdmin is php written web based tool. Using it you can handle the administration of MySQL database. The most frequently used operations are supported by the user interface (managing databases, tables, fields, relations, indexes, users, permissions, etc), while you still have the ability to directly execute any SQL statement. phpMyAdmin Yes
? PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. It is enterprise class database, highly scalable both in the sheer quantity of data it can manage and in the number of concurrent users it can accommodate. PostgreSQL systems can manage in excess of 4 terabytes of data. Database PostgreSQL No
? PostgreSQL Database Storage is the space you can utilize for each of your PostgreSQL Database(s). Memoria per database PostgreSQL No
? phpPgAdmin is a web based administration tool for PostgreSQL database. It provides a convenient way for users to create databases, create tables, alter tables and query their own data using industry-standard SQL. phpPgAdmin No
? PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used web development scripting language that can be embedded into HTML. Currently 80% of all dynamic web pages are devepoped on php. On our paid hosting you can run php files that require PHP version 5. PHP 5 PHP5
? php.ini is the configuration file of the PHP interpreter. By editing the php.ini file you can customize the PHP configuration of your web hosting account. php.ini personale No
? ASP.NET è una intelaiatura per applicazioni web sviluppata e commercializzata dalla Microsoft per la costruzione di siti web dinamici, applicazioni web e servizi web. Sui nostri server l'ASP.NET opera su Linux con Apache. La versione di ASP.NET attualmente supportata è la 5.0. ASP.NET No
? Perl is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Perl is one of the most common CGI scripting languages.

La CGI (Common Gateway Interface, interfaccia d'accesso comune) è uno dei metodi con cui un server web può ottenere/inviare dati dai/ai database, documenti ed altri programmi, e presentare quei dati ai visitatori sul web.
Perl, CGI
? Un modulo Perl è un componente software distinto per il linguaggio di programmazione Perl. Può essere utilizzato da un programma Perl o da altri moduli Perl. Sono disponibili collezioni con più di 3200 moduli Perl. Oltre 3200 moduli Perl Yes
? Ruby is dynamic programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It combines and supports multiple programming paradigms, including functional, object oriented, imperative and reflection. It also has a dynamic type system and automatic memory management. It is similar in varying respects to Python, Perl and etc. Ruby No
? Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that can be used for many kinds of software development. It offers strong support for integration with other languages and tools, comes with extensive standard libraries, and can be learned in a few days. Python No
? SSI (Server Side Include) Support enables commands executed by the server as it parses your HTML file. Server side includes can be used to include the value of various server environment variables within your HTML. Supporto SSI No
? Il Supporto crontab è un'opzione per pianificare i comandi da eseguire periodicamente, che legge una serie di comandi (cron jobs) e li esegue secondo la pianificazione predefinita. Supporto crontab No
? Curl è uno strumento eseguibile dalla linea di comando per il trasferimento di file mediante la sintassi delle URL. Curl No
? GD è una libreria di codice sorgente per la creazione dinamica di immagini da parte dei programmatori. GD crea immagini nei formati PNG, JPEG e GIF ed in altri. È usata comunemente per generare diagrammi, grafici, anteprime, ecc. GD Yes
? ImageMagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in different variety of formats. Image Magick No
? IonCube is application that run files encoded by IonCube Optimizer. It protects PHP programming language from being viewed, changed, and run on unlicensed computers. IonCube No
? Zend Optimizer is an application that enables PHP to run files encoded by the Zend Guard. It is widely-used to run encoded application. Zend Optimizer No
Installatore di software Zacky
? Un Sistema per la gestione dei contenuti (CMS) è un'applicazione per computer utilizzata per creare, editare, manutenere, ricercare e pubblicare vari generi di testi elettronici e contenuti multimediali digitali. Con ognuno dei conti di hosting web a pagamento potete installare GRATUITAMENTE ed AUTOMATICAMENTE i seguenti sistemi CMS: Joomla, Mambo, Pligg, Xoops, Drupal, Zenphoto, ocPortal, PhpGedView, SimplePie, PHP-Nuke, e107. Sistema di gestione dei contenuti (CMS) Joomla
? Web Blog is a website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. The following Blogs can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: Nucleus, WordPress, b2evolution, Pixelpost. Blog su web Wordpress
? Con Bacheca di discussione s'intendono i forum e le bacheche per messaggi e quindi, in generale, i siti di discussione in rete. Con ognuno dei conti di hosting web a pagamento potete installare GRATUITAMENTE ed AUTOMATICAMENTE le seguenti Bacheche di discussione: phpBB, bbPress, PunBB, SimpleMachines. Bacheche di discussione No
? Image Gallery is any software to upload your pictures, which is web based for your friends and family. The following Image Galleries can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: Coppermine, 4images. Gallerie d'immagini No
? GuestBook is a logging system that allows visitors of a website to leave a public comment. Generally it does not require to create a user account. The following GuestBooks can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: GBook. Registro degli ospiti No
? eCommerce Solution refers to software procucts that help you selling products over Internet. These are but not limited to Shopping Carts and other additional modules. The following Shopping Carts can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: OpenCart, Oscommerce, Zencart, CubeCart, PrestaShop, TomatoCart. Soluzioni eCommerce No
? La Gestione supporto clienti è uno strumento per il supporto ai clienti che consente di mantenere contatti più stretti ed una migliore comunicazione con i clienti. Con ognuno dei conti di hosting web a pagamento potete installare GRATUITAMENTE ed AUTOMATICAMENTE i seguenti sistemi per la gestione del supporto clienti: phpFreeChat, Crafty Syntax, Help Center Live, Simple Invoices, X7Chat, osTicket. Gestione supporto clienti (CSM) No
? Ad Management is software application for newsletters, managing, selling and delivery of online advertising inventory. The following Ad Management systems can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY within any paid web hosting account: PHPlist, poMMo. Gestione pubblicità No
? Un Calendario è un sistema mediante il quale gli utenti possono inviare commenti su eventi o eventuali e-mail di notifica per eventi approvati/respinti, aggiungere gallerie di immagini ed altro. Con ognuno dei conti di hosting web potete installare GRATUITAMENTE ed AUTOMATICAMENTE i seguenti Calendari: ExtCalendar, WebCalendar. Calendari No
? Un Groupware è un software progettato per aiutare le persone coinvolte in un'attività comune al fine di raggiungere i loro obiettivi. Con ogni conto di hosting web a pagamento potete installare GRATUITAMENTE ed AUTOMATICAMENTE le seguenti applicazioni di Groupware: Feng Office, PHProjekt. Strumenti per groupware No
? Polls & Survey are software procucts for creating and maintaining Polls and Surveys gather results and view statistics. The following Polls & Surveys can be installed FREE and AUTOMATICALLY withing any paid web hosting plan: LimeSurvey. Votazioni e sondaggi No
? Wiki refers to the following software applications: DokuWiki, TikiWiki, MediaWiki. Wiki No
? Social Networks Content Management Systems would help you create a platform similar to FaceBook, Twitter and etc. If you want to keep up with the latest web tendencies social network site is a must. With all our paid hosting plans currently pre-installed are: BuddyPress, Elgg. Reti sociali No
? Even if you have a personal web site, it is good to know who visited it, how often, what pages exactly are visited, etc. Of course, if you have a business related site, Web Analytics are a must. You cannot make effective marketing efforts, if you do not measure what the results are. In your hosting account you will be able to install any of the following Web Analytics applications:: GCount, Piwik. Analisi del web No
? Siamo tutti esseri umani e commettiamo tutti degli errori, perciò è bene disporre di qualcosa che possa tenere traccia dei vostri errori che, nella maggior parte dei casi, sono la causa delle anomalie delle applicazioni del vostro sito. Ancora una volta, con 1 solo click, sarete in grado di installare: Mantis. Tracciamento anomalie No
? During the dawn of internet it was almost impossible to build a web site with out having a serious programming background. Now you can even build forms easily. Whether it is a contact form or sign up form phpFormGenerator will suite you right. CMS per moduli web No
SO, connettività e sicurezza
? Linux is a freely distributed Unix-type operating system. Under Linux can be run most of the hardware platforms.

Apache è un'applicazione di server web disponibile per un'ampia varietà di sistemi operativi come Linux.
Linux stabile con Apache
? Shared SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for encrypted transmissions of details over your site is available on semi-dedicated accounts. It is good to have a SSL if any personal or other secure details are transmitted over your site. SSL condiviso Yes
? SPAM / Virus Protection by special programs installed on the server to scan, detect and remove any unwanted programs that can potentially corrupt or infringe the normal operation of PC over email. This also stops to great extend unsolicited commercial emails. Protezione da spam / virus Yes
? Secure Shell Access is remote secure access to your semi-dedicated account over SSH client. Accesso sicuro alla shell No
? Firewall Protection protects the machine your semi-dedicated account is located. With this protection your web site is absolutely protected from any standard web server attack. Protezione con firewall Yes
? RAID Backup (Redundant Area of Independent Drives) provides increased data reliability. This system stores your data simultaneously on two HDDs, in case of a hard drive crash we can restore backup from the unimpaired HDD. Backup con RAID Yes
? UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) maintains alternative electric power from separate source (usually battery) when utility power is not available.

Un Generatore Diesel fornisce l'alimentazione da un motore diesel in caso di emergenza.

Both UPS and Diesel Generator ensures interruptable electricity supply for our servers.
Alimentazione: UPS, generatore diesel
? 50 Gbits Network Connectivity is the speed of the port connecting our semi-dedicated cluster and the global network. The clustered servers are located in such a way that at peak times paid servers are speed attended with priority. Connettività di rete a 50 Gbit Yes